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    Take a look at the photos of the beautiful girls featured at KyDesire. You can see them with a simple phone call once approved. For bookings call 502-536-9394. KyDesire Escort Agency serves Louisville and Lexington, KY.

   General questions regarding our service may be sent to BetterEscorts@KyDesire.com but please do not expect a timely response. Appointments cannot be scheduled by e-mail.

   Females looking to join our Louisville escort services and be featured on our sites may call 502-536-9394 or visit our employment page. KyDesire proudly continues our tradition of working with the very best female escorts just as we have since our start in 2008. This is an exclusive group of female escorts with high standards for admittance as demanded by our VIP Clientele.

   KyDesire Louisville Escort Service provides elite escorts to Lexington and Louisville as well as other areas of Kentucky. 

KyDesire Serves Louisville and Lexington, KY

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